Chapter 2...

Hello friends,

This week we started recording drums for our full-length debut album. It's a major first step in getting this thing out in the world finally. Some of the songs on the album have been in my head since 2013/14, and it's beginning to be a tremendous psychological relief getting these ideas out of my head, and into a tangible format. It will still be a few months until we're able to deliver the full record to you, but I want to talk a bit about it now, because talking about the music helps me focus on what our ideas actually are, and how to accurately express them. The process is a little different than our EP we recorded 2 years ago.

The Foreign Hours EP was written, recorded, and mixed entirely by me and Brielle. We are both very proud of the songs and the production, however it is worth mentioning that many of the production choices were made due to certain strengths/weaknesses we had as producers. I had limited recording capabilities, and could not get a live drum sound I was happy with, so the first two songs on the EP feature keyboard-preset drums. The percussion on "Ribbons" is limited to a bongo, and some shakers. Again, I bring this up, because this week we recorded live drums and got sounds we weren't capable of getting two years ago. It's a thrilling progression in capturing the full sonic experience you imagine when you write a song.

On the subject of drums, this new Hi Crime album will feature an expanded lineup that we have been performing with for over a year now. Cody McCann is playing all sorts of drums, percussion, and synthesizers. Hannah Chase is tying down the rhythm section on bass guitar. And Kyle Armstrong is adding color with his guitars, vocals, and keyboards. We're excited to have this band playing and recording with us. They are a natural extension of the ideas we could not accurately express in our first recordings. They also add their own identity to the band, and I hope what we do as a full band reflects something we wouldn't be capable of as individuals.

So, what does this new album actually sound like? It's tough to say because the work is ongoing, and we are recording more songs than will actually appear on this record. However, of the 14 songs we plan to include, I think it's safe to say they are more vibrant and upbeat. The instrumentation is more diverse, as we have planned for additional string and horn sections on a few tracks. The keyboard and synthesizer presence is greater, which is something that we haven't explored live much, but that's the way these songs sound in my head, and I'm excited for people to hear what I hear. There is greater emphasis on vocal harmony and blending of our 3 singing voices. The songs are collaborative across the full band, stemming from ideas originated by myself and Brielle. The album definitely rides the line between having a concentrated voice, and being musically diverse. We hit upon a few different moods, so I hope we can make all the songs sound like they belong together. The songs were created during clear transitional periods in our lives, and I like the idea of hearing that progression across the album.

We are excited to usher in the next era of Hi Crime. The Foreign Hours era has been a real trip for us. We've gotten to hear the album we made in my bedroom using $40 headphones be played on multiple radio stations. We've performed our music on television, and have gotten to play these songs live for you all, many of whom come to almost every show, and that's amazing to have that support. We are deep in album production, and will be slowing down our live gigs until the album is complete & in our hands. So we want to invite you to our last scheduled gig for the moment on February 22nd at Conor Byrne Pub in Seattle. We'll be joined by My Love, and Modern Dinosaurs.

Thanks for tuning in. More soon.

- Mitch
Hi Crime